Art and Artifice of the Anvil Cloudlands

In the Anvil Cloudlands, technology has developed along different lines than the Land below. Though there is plenty of plant matter, cloudstuff is not particularly flammable, sources of wood and logs are rare, making fire less the basis of all technology. However, lightning is much more easily harnessed. A small, sustained electrical discharge is fairly easy to create, easier once technology using amber from Amber Pods was developed.

Lightning is such a commonplace quantity that few natives give it much thought. Small electrical discharges are used to cook food, and static charge accumulates quite easily.

Metal is quite rare. Occasionally bits are found in Fortress Crab shells, or is pulled out of a Living Dungeon. Enough metal for weapons and tools is to be had, but not enough to waste on armor or structures. Bits of metal are made into blades by spot-welding recycled chunks, then cold-working the remainder together, and filing off the edges. This gives blades a distinctive, mottled appearance.

Sky Ships are relatively common, as the magic of the Overworld lets them work much more easily than on the Land below.

Cirran Cloudcloth is a material unique to the Cloudlands which makes excellent sails and robes.


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