People of the Anvil Cloudlands

The Starslayers are a militant group somewhere between a small standing army, town guard, and adventurer’s guild. It is their responsibility to protect the city of Ouranoupolis from the threats that sometimes emerge from the rest of the Overworld, such as a Cloud Titan merging with a field and ruining a crop of cloud plants. They specialize in the location and destruction of Living Dungeons that sometimes float into the Anvil Cloudlands. Their headquarters is the hollowed out carcass of a living dungeon, nicknamed “The Gauntlet”, with it’s Heart technically alive but disabled by a magical device. One arm of the dungeon is still fairly alive, spawning creeps and traps, which is used as their training grounds. For a short time it produced extra treasure, but hasn’t in a long time. The creeps and traps are slowly weakening over time, suggesting that the effectively comatose state of the dungeon will give way to true “death” soon. The Starslayers sources of income are a stipend from the Ouranopolis government in return for being a militia reserve unit, and the profits from exclusive prospecting rights to any minerals found in a living dungeon.

The guild has 10-15 fighting members at any given time. They form into squads of five members who train together and run dungeons together, and share a wing of their headquarters. An additional few members are base staff, including their leader, gear maintenance, an accountant/manager, and a custodian. The most prominent members are PC class adventurers in their own right, though their level of specialization means they aren’t as badass as the players.

Odorn Shadowstep The current leader. His partner was lost in a raid on a living dungeon. His Ring of Brotherhood suggests to them that his partner yet lives, somewhere captured but alive in a dungeon that has since crashed into the Land below and sunk into the Underworld. After injuries received, the rogue has fallen into a training and leadership role, no longer going on missions. His training is particularly brutal for other rogues.

Raven’s Kindness Lora “Raven” Millist leads this group. She is an human adventurer from the Land below with jet-black hair who was marooned here in the Cloudlands years ago along with Butcher. after discovering the Starslayers, she has almost no desire to leave the Anvil Cloudlands, as the Starslayers provide her with all the slaying she could possibly want. It’s about killing, not treasure or fame, for Raven. The squad was originally called “Raven’s Unkindness” for wordplay, but the “Un” was eventually dropped for ease of use.

Meatgrinders Butcher Droshk leads this group. He is an half-orc adventurer, who was marooned here along with Raven’s party. The Meatgrinders often take new members on their first dungeon crawls. Butcher still misses home, but has accepted his fate. People need him and look up to him here. Despite his name, Butcher doesn’t have the battle-lust that his former party member Raven does.

Wispy is some kind of runt air elemental that is the guild’s custodian. Born from the dungeon “wrong” too small, too little aggression, too much intelligence. He was captured and tamed by Odorn when “The Gauntlet” was first conquered. A little magic has freed him from the psychological hold that the living dungeon bound to him, and has become a team member. He is mostly a janitor and custodian, cleaning up debris, interfacing with the crippled dungeon to reset traps and spawners. A small magical device allows his speech to be translated into Common, but it isn’t perfect and makes for somewhat choppy speech.

Thorin Forgeheart II, usually just called Junior, is the group’s artificer, a dwarf and son of the Starslayer’s retired artificer. Junior makes a number of pieces of adventuring gear and magical tools that assist the away teams on missions. High-quality grappling hooks, sets of magical lockpicks, tomes of translation, magic rope, healing potions and other dungeon-crawling gear are all built and maintained by him. Like his father before him, his talents are too valuable to risk on an away team. Thorin Sr occasionally drops by to help with a task, but he is reveling in his retirement, spending plenty of time at the Flaming Zeppelin drinking Giant Taraxacum wine.

Adelia Rose Amberpouch is an administrator, negotiator, and accountant. She handles much of the financial aspect of the guild, paying out members their cut of the loot, ordering supplies, negotiating sale of trade items, etc. She is a frail half elf, and is just as quick with numbers and negotiation as others are with a blade. It was her doing that got the Starslayers a stipend from the city in exchange for being a militia reserve unit.


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