A Place of Interest in the Anvil Cloudlands

Angelic society is based in Skyhall, a massive floating island in the upper layers of the Cloudlands. It is for the most part beautiful, garden-like architecture. At least near the top parts. Those who live in lower layers of the city have lives that aren’t quite as good. Angels are just humanoids with wings, they’re not all Good, and certainly not all good is nice, even if they were. Those who commit crimes are banished, their wings shorn off and they are cast down, falling until they hit another object. Those that live usually end up in Ksal. Society is a fairly brutal implementation of absolute justice. Or whatever the Head Justicar interprets “justice” to mean. A Lawful Neutral/Lawful Good society. Some more reclusive angels live outside Skyhall in small communities like Feathervale, often paying tribute in crops or metal to Skyhall in order that they be left alone.

The angels consider themselves the proper rulers of all the sky, including the humans who live below them in Ouranoupolis. When the Anvil Cloudlands intersect with other parts of the Overworld, there is often friction between the Angels and the Storm Giants. They are connected strongly to the Gods of Light, and the Priestess on the Land below maintains contact with them.

Not all angel’s wings are pure white dove feathers, some are mottled brown like a hawk, or black like a raven. White winged angels hold the most power in Skyhall’s government, all of the Justicars currently have white feathers. Brown and black feather angels form most of Skyhall’s military, and labor force. The caste system causes no small amount of tension, but the Justicars have been able to keep it contained. Some even rumor of angels with blood-red or golden wings.


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