Flora of the Anvil Cloudlands

In all of the Overworld above the Dragon Empire, clouds can be walked upon, forming a (mostly) solid ground upon which adventurers may tread and Storm Giants build their cities. In the Anvil Cloudlands, clouds are not merely terrain but living plant matter. The clouds look like blobs of white fluff from a distance, but when seen up close, are rich ecosystems all their own. Most are attached to a piece of floating Overworld rock near the center, grown over so much that it cannot be seen, but some float freely, drawing nutrients from the air and the magic of the Overworld.

Massive Cloudforms

Clouds are the most common plants in the Anvil Cloudlands, forming the basis of a number of biomes. A few species form very large masses, from the size of a field to the size of a mountain.

  • Stratus Grass The majority of the Stratus Plains is composed of Stratus Grasses of various sorts. These grass-like clouds spread into thin, wide sheets.
  • Nimbus clouds are massive clonal colonies, much like aspen forests on earth. They support their own ecosystem, much like a coral reef, being both a living thing and terrain feature.
  • Pollenpuff are white cumulus clouds that release massive quantities of pollen when the winds pick up. In some areas, this can form a Pollen Storm hazard. The massive quantities of pollen are a food source for some creatures.
  • Pearlypuff a common cumulus cloud species with white leaves. Its sap has a number of uses, as a medicine and an adhesive. They tend to cluster and give rise to forest-like ecosystems.

Crops and Food

  • Purplepuff a cumulus cloud species that bears small, round fruits, and depends on animals to spread its seeds. Native to the forest-like area of Sunset
  • Cirran Cotton A cotton-like plant that spreads its seeds in wind-borne cotton puffs. In the Cirrus layers, some can weave it into Cirran Cloudcloth.
  • Amber Pod These plants produce large quantities of amber, which is important for lightning-based technology. Cultivated in a number of humanoid settlements.
  • Aircorn a popcorn-like grain that is grown by some sentients. Its seeds expand and float, released in large quantities.
  • Giant Taraxacum giant dandelions, grown for their greens and to make a kind of wine. Their seed parachutes are large and light enough to support humanoid forms as passengers. It can also be used to manufacture a kind of wine.
  • Candypuff a pink cumulus cloud species, that excretes a sweet, sticky resin on its seed-bearing fibers. Its sticky seeds adhere to creatures and are transported elsewhere to possibly germinate. Farmed by some travelers. Getting the seeds out is a huge pain, to get pure sweet stuff.

Other Plants

  • Cascading Heavynut a vine that grows downward into empty air, with a dense “nut” as a sinker. Several varieties. Often confused with Rising Heavennut due to a slightly similar name
  • Rising Heavennut a vine that grows upwards, ending in a buoyant orb that it is suspended by. Several varieties. Often confused with the Cascading Heavynut due to a slightly similar name.
  • Nimbus Mushroom many species of fungi and parasitic plants grow on dead or dying Nimbus clouds. Some have toxic spores that can paralyze or poison, some trap the unwary in their entangling mycelia roots, and there are even rumors that there are mushrooms that can infest and take over the mind of their victims.
  • Gliding Wingseed trees have seeds with a wingspan of five or six inches, capable of gliding great distances
  • Shade Sprout a shade-tolerant plant that grows on the underside of rock islands that don’t rotate.
  • Sleeping Flower A flower that grows on roughly spherical rock islands, capable of going dormant for long periods when it isn’t facing sunlight.
  • Featherfrond a feathery white plant that grows in the Cirrus ecosystems.
  • Jet Seed trees are one of the primary plant residents of the Doldrums, a particularly windless layer. Their seeds are somewhat animal-like, having a primitive eye-like organ and capable of short bursts of powered flight and long periods of gliding.
  • False Floatfruit A sweet-scented trap that smells and looks much like Floatfruit. If touched, it adheres strongly and inflates, bringing the prey up into a digesting, carnivorous plant maw.
  • Dark Candypuff A relative of the Candypuff whose resin is intensely hallucinogenic in humans, producing delusions of living in a world made of edible sweets. An illegal commodity.
  • Yellowpuff are light yellow cumulus clouds spray a blast of pollen at anything vaguely colored like another Yellowpuff. Has a very limited sense of vision. Common in the area around Sunset


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