Adventures in the Anvil Cloudlands

Here are a few sample plot points to get your adventure in the Anvil Cloudlands started.

A Fallen angel describes a piece of ancient technology. A living dungeon that seals off when you enter it, floating upward toward the stars. Is it a trap, or some kind of vehicle?

You journey toward what looked like a small human town, but it has been destroyed by violent storms, Cloud Titan eggs, or something else. Loot the place, or help the survivors and rebuild?

One wizard seems interested in opening up a permanent, public portal between Ouranoupolis and Horizon, that they might trade and immigrate. Others fear it will ruin their nice way of life, and that others would despoil their beautiful home. Some fear it will cause some kind of magical disaster. Who do you help?

A Fallen angel was banished and had his wings amputated for fomenting revolution in Skyhall. Will you help him finish what he started, and overthrow the oppressive “lawful- dickhead aligned” angelic court?

One of the villagers in Ouranopolis wants dearly to come back to the Dragon Empire. Can you make room for one more on your way back? Or do you want to hold on to those ritual components for another day?

Some townsfolk in Ouranopolis are about to lynch a wizard, owing to their cultural hatred of wizards in particular. What do you do?

Someone has told you of the Legendary Magepuff, a cloud so rare that none have seen it in a very long time. It is said that those who eat of its fruit are granted great magical power.

A bitter Fallen angel was banished for a crime he didn’t commit. He wants justice. And a little revenge.

A flying Living Dungeon has emerged near Ouranopolis! Help the Starslayers put it down back where it came from!

Someone from the Ouranopolis Navigator’s Guild has found a huge Fortress Crab shell. Explore, kick out whatever has moved in, and loot the place!

The fables of a Fallen angel tell of great treasure, lost from a civilization long forgotten. He has found a tablet which he thinks might be a clue.

A ghostly Sky Ship has been sighted at night, tearing through clouds, fields, and buildings alike. Stop it before Longfall becomes a ghost town.

There are rumors of a Fortress Crab whose shell is made of nothing but gold and gems. If you could find it and tow it in, you’d be rich!

Captain Baha needs a few crewmen to help catch the damned Aerocetus who took his arm.

The Dragon Emperor is building great galleon to patrol the Midland Sea. The sails can be made of nothing but fine Cirran Cloudcloth.

Some of the Storm Giants in Cloudhome have a score to settle with some of the denizens of the Anvil Cloudlands. Want to help them get some revenge?

The Cloud Titan breeding season is on, and the dense, cannon-ball like eggs pose danger to the Land below. Can you do something to stop it, or at least delay the process until the cloudlands float over somewhere less inhabited than New Port?

The Archmage has some contacts who inhabit Tanithar’s Tower, and now that the Cloudlands have floated over Horizon he has the chance to communicate with them. Just bring them home to report.

The Lich King’s armies march on Axis. The Dragon Emperor sends you, his agents, to the Cloudlands for a source of power to defend his realm. Or something really big to drop on the marching undead.

Grappler Ants are destroying a farmer’s Aircorn field. Do be a dear and kill them or get them to leave.


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