Dangers of the Anvil Cloudlands

Here are a number of unique hazards, traps, aggressive creatures, etc that are encountered in the Anvil Cloudlands

Large groups of Cloud Titan eggs are falling from above, pounding the area like artillery! Find cover! The holes it creates might provide an escape route if you were cornered by something, though.

It is blooming season for Pollenpuff, and they have whipped up a pollen storm! You can’t see, you can barely breath! And what’s that sound you hear? Is it a growl?

You have to journey through Plague Pass to get to your destination. Try not to disturb the mushrooms, or their spores could kill you. Or worse!

A pod of Cloud Drakes flies by, chasing an Aerocetus. One of them seems to think you might be an easier meal, though.

Journeying can make one hungry, so you decide to eat some fruit from a local plant. But when you grab it, it sticks like glue and inflates, dragging you upward toward a toothey plant maw! You’ve touched a False Floatfruit!


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