Cloud Titan

Animals of the Anvil Cloudlands

Cloud titans are giant creatures with a vaguely humanoid shape. They are able to float slowly and spend most of their lives grazing, soaking up sun, and looking for a mate. Cloud titans are symbiotic organisms, an animal core with a symbiotic coating of cloudstuff plant matter. They fight only defensively when attacked.

Cloud titans hatch from dense, hard eggs that hatch in the Underworld. They live for several years in the Underworld as larvae. Cloud titan larvae are not born helpless, but do still physically develop for the first year. Cloud titan larvae that have matured will burrow to the surface when they sense that the Cloudlands have floated overhead. They develop a temporary floatation sack and float off into the sky, hopefully colliding with a cloud. Depending on the species of cloud they bond with, the cloud titan will have a different appearance and abilities. Those that land on the highest up clouds are the rarest, since few reach that high into the Cloudlands. When cloud titans mate, they release a large number of their dense, hard eggs. These fall towards the Land below, pounding and puncturing the cloudforms below like artillery shells. After mating, cloud titans die, and a feeding frenzy results.

Cloud titan eggs that don’t make it to the Underworld are eaten by some creatures, and their hardness makes them make useful material for arrowheads and other Technology.

Cloud Titans are very rarely attacked by predators such as Cloud Drakes, as they are strong enough to kill the flying reptiles.

Cloud Titan

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