Fauna of the Anvil Cloudlands

Ambush Lizard An ambush predator in The Stack that clings to the underside of clouds, hidden by magical camouflage. It drops down on and disables prey unfortunate enough to step below it.

Aerocetus the sky whales.

Cloud Drake apex predators that hunt in pods and breathe a cold mist

Cloud Titan large symbiotic grazers with a complex life cycle

Hail Elemental Spheres of magical ice bound by arcs of lightning that inhabit Nimbus Ascent and The Anvil

Krill Fog large groups of small animals preyed on by the Aerocetus

Caelum Recluse a web-spinning spider that creates great nets between bits of cloud stuff

Manowar A jellyfish with long, stinging tentacles that floats at some interfaces, possessing a large sail

Grappler Ant large ants named for their grappling-hook like members that inhabit rocky islands

Fortress Crab massive crab-like creatures that build shells out of rock and gravel that collects between layers.

Armstrider orangutan-like savage humanoids that inhabit The Stack

Twist Flies small flying creatures with helicopter-like flight

Lightning Bug Tiny flying insects that can generate bolts of lightning en masse.

Dragonhawk large birds of prey with clawed wings used as mounts by flightless humans. Just barely large enough to carry a human rider. Feral dragonhawks are an invasive species.

Stratus Glire A very large rabbit/rodent that inhabits the Stratus Plains

Pokie Pokies are a porcupine like spined rodent with the ability to inflate itself to float around, clumsily steering itself with a finned tail

Leaping Glire A small mammal with strong back legs that inhabits The Stack

Grabber are native to Nimbus Ascent, and quickly shoot their tentacles out from cover to grab small prey.


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