Places of Interest in the Anvil Cloudlands

Skyhall, The seat of angelic government in the area

Longfall, a human barge town connected by ropes, which separated from Ouranoupolis after a schism

Perdition Reach , the largest archipelago of floating sky islands. The Fallen city of Ksal is located here.

Ouranoupolis another human barge town, which contains Tanithar’s Tower at its center.

The Anvil the largest cloud mountain in the area, a massive thunderhead with an “anvil” shape

Nimbus Ascent a “mountain chain” of cumulonimubus clouds that cuts through the area

Plague Pass a dead cumulonumbus cloud that now boasts a robust fungal bloom ecosystem. These last for decades

The Stack a jungle-like biome of many layers of closely-spaced cloud stuff, with holes being frequent.

Stratus Plains a flat, prairie like biome. A large void called Fallstreak Hole is located near the center. The Ridges are another location, with ruffles-like ridge structure hills.

Stoneridge a small, independent village on a sky island

Feathervale an independent angelic village

Temple of the Sun a large temple devoted to the god of the sun, located in the upper layers of the world.

Cloudposts are small trading posts located throughout the plane, all run by the same organization.

Galewall is a wall of wind that contains the Anvil Cloudlands, keeping the archipelago together. Occasionally other flying realms will crash through into the Anvil Cloudlands, including the occasional Living Dungeon.

Sunset is a region with a number of colorful cumulus cloud spbecies, whose desaturated pastel colors make the region look somewhat like a sunset but lasting all day long. It is a forest-like biome.

Doldrums: a windless area of the Anvil Cloudlands


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